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- The Mental Game

Are you the passenger of the markets? Get in the driver’s seat with target coaching. Get the control back and start making progress faster in your trading. All traders are individuals, and with personal coaching, you get tools that work with you – not just a one size fit all packed that fit none.

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What I offer

Learning to trade is not a place for fast hacks and quick-fixes. Professional traders rely on a strong mental game. That is what we coach to achieve.

Get sustainable progress with me as your personal coach.

Free chemistry meeting

Book a free chemistry session to uncover if and how your trading can level up. I look forward to help you get the control back and start making progress faster in your trading.

Coach og mentor trading

Get good results and profit

On this page, you can find examples of dedicated traders that I worked with. Their performances rocketed after just a few sessions.

Are you new or a seasoned trader that want to get more grit and mental toughness? Reach out for the free chemistry session.

Many years of experience

I have traded for 6 years and worked on personal development and coaching since 2016. I’m a mental trainer, coach, and mentor for traders from the whole world.

Mentor and coach

I changed my life from homeless college dropout sleeping on my friends couch in 2002, to a successful trader in the Stockmarket, day trading and real estate.

Professional professionals

Get a coach that knows trading. A coach that knows the lingo and the pitfalls from the start – one that succeeded in trading for himself. I’m ready to help you get progress faster.

About Claus Andersen

I am a mental trainer, coach, and mentor. I thrive from building traders and making them profitable and comfortable traders.

Trading is a mentally challenging profession – take it from one that has walked the walk.