Products and Prices

Get the control back

With personal coaching and mentorship, you get tools that work with you – not just a one size fit all packed that fit none. Below, you can read more about my courses regarding coaching and mentorship as well as the prices of my sessions. I can help traders from the whole world online – so there is no excuse of not reaching out today!


I offer coaching for the already profitable trader that has a profitable system but want more mental power to trade it consistently. It is entirely up to you how many sessions you want to become a comfortable and profitable trader.


I offer mentorship for the less seasoned trader that need technical assistance and need to develop a profitable system that you consistently can trade. Later on, when you get a grip on it, I can offer you coaching.

Contact me

Book a free chemistry session to uncover if and how your trading can level up. I look forward to help you get the control back and start making progress faster in your trading.

My rates

Below, you can find my list of prices regarding my services as a trading coach and mentor. If you have any questions, feel free to contract me to uncover if and how your trading can level up.

  • Intro session Free
  • 1 Session 1250 DKK / 170 €

    Prices per hour: 1250 DKK / 170 €

  • 6 Sessions 6000 DKK / 840 €

    Prices per hour: 1000 DKK / 135 €

  • 12 Sessions 11.000 DKK / 1500 €

    Prices per hour: 950 DKK / 127 €

  • Statistics on your trading 150 DKK / 20 €

    Price per session. You fill in your trades and notes online, and I make the relevant stats and analysis on them.

Prices incl. VAT. Sessions last 60 min.