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Claus Andersen

Trading Coach and Mentor

I am a dad and husband. I have served in the Danish army and worked as a firefighter. I have experience in high altitude rescues. I have more that 10 years of experience from the police force and as an operator in the danish police force for more than 6 of them.

I use skills acquired from experience and study to coach traders into a better mental state. I instructed personal development courses based on the Danish frog man and hunter force admittance courses. I trade in real estate, stocks, and day trading.


I have learned trading from Al Brooks books and courses. From Tom Hougaard, and Mack. I trade with no indicators and just rely on the price action. I trade the 1 and 5 minute timeframes. I worked as a technical analyst with Daytraderland since 2018.


My mission is to respect, listen to, support, encourage, inspire, and motivate my trading clients to excel in all areas. To have them take action and be accountable for their trading journey. Bring focus and clarity to the strategy and progress needed to become a successful consistent trader the actives exceptional results with a carefree mind.


My vision is to enable my clients to trade carefree with a profitable system that fits into their personal life and preferences. For them to take ownership of their trading and mental development that takes clients to the flow state when trading.

Case Studies

On this page, you can find examples of dedicated traders that I worked with. Their performances rocketed after just a few sessions.

Are you new or a seasoned trader that want to get more grit and mental toughness? Reach out for the free chemistry session.