Case Studies

Case Studies

On this page, you can find examples of dedicated traders that I worked with. Their performances rocketed after just a few sessions.
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Case study: Frank

Frank came to me and was struggling with becoming profitable. He had a system but was making too many mistakes: Mistakes as overtrading, not following his system.

We worked on the discipline needed to follow the system and tweaked the system to be better and easier to follow. Through monthly sessions, he went from loosing more that 150 points every month in the DAX to winning more that 100 points consistently. Bad trades was down, good trades are up, and best of all, the mental state has improved significantly.

Case study: Nicolai

Nicolai was frustrated that he was not able to trade consistently. He had the skills and a profitable system, bet kept negative beliefs about himself, and how he thought he should trade.

Through few coaching sessions, Nicolai found a path that lead him to trade a system and timeframe that was stress free and profitable.

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